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Production of isoflavones-enriched soy yogurt through soymilk fermentation using probiotic bacteria
Asmaa I El-Shazly, Amira A Gamal, Asmaa N El-Dein, Walaa S.A Mettwally, Mohamed A Farid
Rapid quantitative estimation of metformin and ertugliflozin in rat plasma by liquid chromatography-tandam mass spectroscopy and its application to pharmacokinetic studies
P Venkateswarao Rao, A Lakshmana Rao, SVUM Prasad
Chemical and biological studies on Moringa oleifera L. cultivated in Egypt
Mona A Mohamed, Magda T Ibrahim, Nahla S Abdel-Azim, Mostafa M El-Missiry
Early detection of osteoporosis in premenopausal Egyptian women
Nayera E Hassan, Sahar A El-Masry, Rokia A El-Banna, Safenaz Y El Sherity
Occurrence of terpenes, polyketides, and tannins in some Japanese lichens and green mosses
Waill A Elkhateeb, Ghoson M Daba

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1.  Antimicrobial activity of isolated actinomycetes and optimization of bioactive metabolites production
2.  Skin Tissue Healing Induced by argon Laser on Rats
3.  Antibacterial activity of some bioactive glasses in comparison with the effect of vancomycin hydrochloride antibiotic
4.  Statistical optimization of lipase production in solid state fermentation by Aspergillus tamarii NDA03a and application of the fermented solid as a biocatalyst for biodiesel production
5.  Effect of licorice root and cabbage leaves the extracts as a natural fertilizer on growth and productivity of Cynara cardunculus L.
6.  Utilization of Orange Pulp and Corn Steep Liquor for L-methioninase Production by Wickerhamomyces subpelliculosus
7.  Biological activity and Investigation of some active constituents with molecular docking from two Cleome species
8.  Statistical optimization of L-Asparaginase production by Cladosporium tenuissimum
9.  Protective effect of nano-encapsulated curcumin against boldenone- induced testicular toxicity and oxidative stress in male albino rats
10.  Production of a bacterial extracellular L-glutaminase possessing high antioxidant capability